Jerry Holcom

President’s Message – New Year Challenge

This message is being written December 28, 2017, so I should be spewing platitudes about all of the things the New Year will bring. Whatever it brings, we’ll just have to deal with it if we want to stay in business, so I have a challenge for you. In addition to learning new procedures, buying

“Claim of the Month” – Could It Happen to You?

  “Claim of the Month” – Could It Happen to You?   A mechanic test drove a customer’s vehicle to better diagnose a problem. While listening for the problem, the mechanic got distracted and rear-ended another vehicle, seriously injuring the occupants. The dealership had not run a motor vehicle record (MVR) on the mechanic prior

Get Some Social Media Savvy – Part 3

    Get Some Social Media Savvy- Part Three A 3-Step Guide to Developing a Manageable Social Media Strategy Holly Biondo, Net Driven   In parts one and two we covered how to create a Facebook page for your business, how to set it up and make sure you have all the correct information provided,