Mentor Program

Mentor Program Is Your Shop Running You or Are You Running Your Shop?

Do you wake up an hour earlier than the alarm just because you are excited to go to the shop and get started on the day? Or, do you dread walking through the door each morning? Feel overwhelmed? Are you burnt out? Need a little motivation?

Every shop owner goes through a time of struggle or challenges. You are NOT in this alone. ASA-Midwest has many shop owners who “have been there – done that” and they are willing to share their expertise and knowledge to help out their fellow ASA members.

ASA-Midwest offers a FREE and CONFIDENTIAL Shop Mentor Program for our members. The goal of the ASA-Midwest mentor program is to help our member shops be successful. This is a FREE and confidential program.
It’s time to take your shop to the next level! Sign up today to get matched with a mentor who can help you kick-start your business.

ASA-Midwest cares about you and your business. Your success is our success!

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